Okay, so you’re drinking your Green Tea X50, which means the thermogenic effect may be stimulating your metabolic rate and assisting your body’s ability to burn fat, while the Resveratrol is doing its bit against harmful free radicals brought on by bad diet, fatty foods and acids, pollutants, disease and many more common day-to-day nasties.

You have a great meal plan and plenty of information about nutrition and food planning so you can work out how to have a balanced, enjoyable and healthy diet. You’ve worked out your optimum heart rate for burning fat. And you’re all set to start your journey to health and happiness and the body you have always wanted.

You have me as your virtual personal trainer, with heaps of training advice on how to get fit in a way that loses weight at the same time. But there’s still something missing.

Before you start training in a way that will accelerate your weight loss, you are going to need equipment.

You need comfortable shoes and clothes to exercise in. This is your body and you only get one of them, so look after it.

If what you have is old or sub-standard, head down to a shoe store and get a good pair of cross-training shoes. Ask questions and make sure you try on more than three pairs. Talk to the staff and tell them what kind of exercise you will be doing.

Get some comfortable shorts and shirts for exercising. There is no excuse for any man to be training in Lycra bike shorts they have left over from their gym days! Same goes for you ladies. No leotards, Lycra jumpsuits or leg warmers. You will need good quality gear in which you feel totally comfortable.

You need a heart rate monitor.

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive on the market, something for around $100 to $150 should do nicely.

Besides a good, well planned diet, this is the most important tool you will need for weight loss. It’s not only elite athletes that use heart rate monitors. Pretty soon you are going to be looking and training like one, so you will need one too.

If you don’t want to pick one up right away that’s OK. Here’s how you can check your heart rate without a heart rate monitor.

You need an exercise ball.

You may also want to pick up what is known as a Swiss or balancing ball. These are those big inflated balls you have seen people doing sit ups and back exercises on. They are also a great chair that promotes correct back posture while sitting at desks and computers.

So, your shopping list is:

  • good shoes (essential)
  • heart rate monitor (optional but recommended)
  • Comfortable clothes (optional)
  • Swiss or balance ball (optional)