Is the ‘Accelerated Weight Loss Programme’ OK for me?

If you haven’t done any physical exercise for quite some time or consider yourself overweight, it is best you have a medical check up with your local doctor before you start any new diet or exercise programme. You should be getting a medical check every year anyway, as we only have one body. Take care of it!

The Accelerated Weight Loss Programme is an exercise and diet plan that is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and includes a regular low to moderate exercise approach to weight loss. The programme is an education platform that shows you what foods to eat for weight loss, frequency and type of meals to maximise your metabolic function, and what exercises are needed to burn body fat to further accelerate weight loss.

This programme is totally safe and does not require a high level of physical exertion. However if you suffer from any of the following we ask you consult your physician before you begin.