Find out the tips and tricks to start losing weight and creating a healthy eating habits to maximise weight loss.

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70% of weight loss comes from the food we eat. But there’s no need to starve or go on a rigid diet. Just Eat Smart!



Eating the right food is only one part. You need to exercise. Most importantly, you need to exercise in a way that will burn fat!



GreenTeaX50 kick started my body and helped to turn it into a fat burning machine, but I had to add the other
ingredients to really get the big results.


Knowledge is king when it comes to health. How often have you been doing something you thought was good for your health, then found out its actually not that good for you?

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Since taking Green Tea X50 I have seen results that have absolutely blown me away. As an aspiring fitness model Green Tea x50 has been an absolute saving grace to assist my training to gain muscle whilst minimising fat gain. I've even managed to drop body fat and change my body shape. It has also given me far more energy and improved my performance whilst training. To my delight I gained a whole lot of health, happiness and confidence, and am far closer to my goals than I've ever been. I will be a long term supporter of Green Tea x50.

August 24, 2016